A Camping Trip to the Ghost Town of Monte Cristo

September 20th-21st, 2005

The bikes in front of the Twin Eagles

It is farther to Snohomish than I think it is, even when I factor in the fact that it is farther to Snohomish than I think it is. I was supposed to meet Mark there at 9:00 AM. I was about ten minutes late even though I actually rode faster than I thought I would.  After a hearty breakfast, we headed north. We stopped for a few supplies at Granite Falls and then rode up to Barlow Pass on the Mountain Loop Highway.

Barlow Pass

Mark procedes at his own risk

From here we rode past the locked gate and proceded at our own risk to the old ghost town of Monte Cristo.

Mark sets up his hammock

There is a campground just east of the townsite. Mark set up his hammock.

Kent's Tarptent

I pitched my Tarptent.

Mark surveys Monte Cristo

Mark heading down the road to the ghost town.

Welcome to Monte Cristo

The trail into town.

Monte Cristo

In the spring this is a rushing river.

Monte Cristo

Part of the old townsite.

Monte Cristo

Mark and some old miner's cabins.

Spiral pipe

Spiral welded pipe.

Peabody's Garage

Peabody Garage.

Kyes Memorial

The Kyes Memorial. James Kyes grew up in Monte Cristo and planted this tree.

Guide Cabin

No guides have been here for quite some time.

Mark at Glacier Basin

Mark on the trail up Glacier Basin.

The Mountains and the Moon

The view from Glacier Basin back toward Monte Cristo.

Mark climbing

In a couple of steep places, ropes have been placed to help with the climbing.